Use VEGAS2 to manage important information!

Use VEGAS2 to build Rules and Announcement channels quickly and easily! Even import your old channels!

Having important messages tied to one account isn't always a good idea. What if that person goes inactive or isn't online for an important edit? Instead let VEGAS2 manage your important messages!

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Send Messages

/messages send-message send_channel:<channel> [content:<message>] [raw_embed:<embed json>] [reply_id:<message_id>] [pin:True/False]

Send a message through VEGAS2! Any Moderator can use this feature to to send announcements, create rules channels, or manage any messages that Mods/Staff need to manage as a group. VEGAS2's send message supports the following features:

  • send_channel - Required. Discord provides a searchable list of every available channel in the guild. The message will be sent to this channel.
  • content - Optional. The text to be sent as a message. Supports emoji.
  • raw_embed - Optional. A JSON object to convert to an Embed.
  • reply_id - Optional. If a message ID is provided, VEGAS2 will "reply" to the message, showing the selected message's user and message directly above. the new message.
  • pin - Optional. False by Default. If set to True, the new message will be pinned.

Scan Channel

/messages scan-channel channel:<channel> [pins:True/False] [last:<number>]

VEGAS2 will scan the provided channel for messages sent by the VEGAS2 bot. If messages are found, they will be marked as "Managed Messages."


  • channel - Required. The channel to scan. Discord will provide a searchable list while typing the command!
  • pins - Optional. True by Default. VEAGS2 will check the channel pins for messages sent by VEGAS2. Logs any found messages as Managed Messages.
  • last - Optional. 50 by Default. Sets the number of messages VEGAS2 will scan checking for possible Managed Messages. Checks from newest to oldest.

Update Channel

/messages update-channel channel:<channel>

VEGAS2 will check for any Managed Messages registered to the provided channel. If any Managed Messages are found, they will be edited and updated with the newest information from VEAGS2.

Web Editor

If bot commands are just to difficult, VEAGS2 also provides a full Web Editor too! Create, edit, and update messages and through the VEGAS2 website, then run the update-channel command and VEAGS2 will automatically sync those changes from the website to your server! The online editor features:

  • Create new Messages and Embeds from the Web
    • Create a new Message with a Channel ID, but leave the Message ID blank
  • Sync Messages from Discord to the Web Editor with one command!
  • Edit every field on an Embed online! Title, Thumbnail, Footer, Fields, everything!
  • Update/Edit messages VEAGS2 already sent!
  • Multi-User! VEGAS2 can be used by any Moderator! No more waiting for one person to edit the rules or announcements!

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