Easier Commands than you've ever seen

V.E.G.A.S. aims to be a simple general purpose Discord bot with Slash Commands. V.E.G.A.S. is independantly developed and ran by The Patchwork Collective. The bot was started as a community project to help teach programming but has spirialed into a semi-functional bot!

Engineering team at work.

What does VEGAS2 do?

Slash Commands

The days of long hard to remember commands are over. VEGAS2 provides a full suite of Slash Commands. Just type the start of the command and press Tab or tap the Slash Command dropdown on mobile! Discord will do the rest! If a command requires specific input, that will show up in the send bar! If a command requires a channel, user or role, the bot will automatically list and search all possible options for you!
So much easier!

warning demo
warning demo

Powerful Components, Buttons and Dropdowns!

Bots are already hard enough to setup, why make it harder? VEGAS2 uses the latest Discord features like Buttons and Dropdowns to make usability simple!

Full Server Customization!

Vegas2 will automatically use your Guild/Servers Branding! It will check for Logos, Banners, Landing Pages, top role colors, and Local Invites to try and match the look and feel of your guild! Everything is completely customizable!

Make the bot fit your server!

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