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Archive Discord Channels to Flat HTML files viewable on any browser!

VEGAS2 can convert any Discord channel, files, videos, embeds, links and all, to a flat HTML file!. The file can be opened on any recent browser! Preserve memories, keep better logging, or prune your server down with the Archiver!

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/archive channel channel:<channel> [asset_channel:<channel>] [output_channel:<channel>] [dry_run:<True/False>]

Archives a Discord Channel into an HTML file. After running the command VEGAS2 will announce what channel it is archiving, if it is a "Dry Run" (dry_run), and how the target channel will be affected. VEGAS2 will then start at the oldest message in the target channel and start building an HTML file. VEGAS2 will archive and save information such as the message content, message author, message id, author id, reactions, who reacted, if the message was pinned, sent/edit information, and all attachments. After every message is accounted for VEGAS2 build an Index out of the channel pins. Finally the bot will send the HTML file to the provided output_channel. VEGAS2 will also report how long the archival ran for!

Note on large channels

Discord limits the file size that a bot can send to 8mb, that is around 3,000 (three thousand) messages. If you archive a channel that will exceed the 8mb limit, VEGAS2 will break the archive into multiple files. VEGAS2 will output each file as soon as it is ready. Each file will be totally self contained; meaning you can view each file independently of any other files, the single HTML file is all you need.

Dry Run?

Specifying dry_run will change how VEGAS2 affects your target channel. By default dry_run is set to True. When dry_run is set to True, VEGAS will not lock the target channel during archive and the channel will not be deleted after the archive. Inversely if dry_run is provided and False, the target channel will be locked to ensure a perfect archive and the channel will be deleted after. Using dry_run is helpful if you want to check that an archive will be produced correctly first.

Why asset_channel? Saving files?

The purpose of the VEGAS2 archiver is to allow sever moderators to persevere as close to a 1-to-1 copy of a discord channel as possible. In order to make sure files are not lost VEGAS2 has to save the files to some location. VEGAS2 cannot use the original file in the deleted channel because Discord will "expire" the file soon, or delete it after a specific amount of time. That would mean your channel archive would lack those files after Discord expires them. Due to this VEGAS2 requires an asset_channel that the bot will save all files to during any archive. VEGAS2 only makes an in memory copy of the file to send over Discords API in order to save server space. Note: Occasionally VEGAS2 will fail in saving a file to the asset channel. This is usually because Discord has already expired the asset or it is an external file that is no longer available (ex: a tweet that was deleted, but already embed). In the case that the file is unrecoverable VEGAS will report "FAILED" with the message id to asset_channel and write the original file URL to the HTML file, but continue the archive process.

Due to the way archiving works we recommend having a 2 channel setup for archiving channels:

  • #channel-archives - used for output_channel to hold all final HTML files
  • #asset-archives - used for asset_channel to hold all files to support HTML files.

/archive category category:<category> [asset_channel:<channel>] [output_channel:<channel>] [dry_run:<True/False>]

Archives an entire category using the same method described above. VEGAS2 will archive 1 channel at a time to not mix up assets.

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