Easy Roles for all the Members!!

Toggle roles with 1 message!

AutoRoles provide a simple interactive way to give and assign roles to members in your server! You can customize and add as many as you want too! Notification, pronouns, limit channels and more!

Vegas2 Home Page >> Vegas2 Commands >> AutoRoles


With AutoRoles your server staff can add and remove what roles are available to your Members in an instant!

Unique Features:

  • Discord sorts and lists all Roles in your Guild for Staff to pick through! No more using role ID's, pings or typing out whole names!
  • Limit to one or more channels!
  • Sort Roles into different types! Notifications, Pronouns and Gender, Comfort Roles! (coming soon!)

See what AutoRoles look like below! The first gif shows how Staff can add Roles to the system, the second shows how Members can get roles!

Sign up and Stay Informed!