Simple Embeds for Better Communication

Make Embeds online or in a Discord channel

Discord offers lovely looking Embeds, but no way to make them yourself. VEGAS2 offers the bridge for that. Now you can make your own Embeds Interactively in any Discord channel!

Vegas2 Home Page >> Vegas2 Commands >> Interactive Embeds

Interactive Embeds

/embed interactive-post

VEGAS offers a built in Embed Editor, commonly called a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG or wiz-zee-wig). Running the above command will prompt VEGAS2 to send a blank/empty Embed with a button menu. VEGAS2 will then only respond when that initiating user presses/touches a button. Once a button is selected, VEGAS2 will prompt for more information to fill in that field.

Currently VEGAS2 supports the following Embed features:

  • TItle
  • Description
  • Author (Name, Icon/PFP, URL)
  • Thumbnail
    • Shortcut to make Guild/Server icon the Thumbnail
  • Set body banner/image
  • Footer
  • Fields
    • Supports inline and non-inline
    • Max 25 fields (Discord limit)
    • Add/edit/remove fields
  • Embed Color
  • Add text on Publish
  • Pin Embed on Publish
  • Add ping on Publish (will make a role mentionable, ping the role on publish, then turn mentionable off)
  • Show Ping/Pin/Text on Publish information
  • Publish to any channel in Guild/Server

/embed interactive-edit message_id:<id>

Provide a Message ID in your Guild/Server that has an Embed. VEGAS2 will copy that Embed for editing allowing you to reopen or use templates.

Online Editor

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