Server Communication Made Easy!

Tired of getting Direct Messages from random people? Maybe some server members are argumentative and need a private channel to talk to staff? Tickets are the solution!

Tickets provide a simple way for all server members to create a private discussion channel with the Moderation team. The channel can only be viewed by the Member and the Moderators. The member has full upload permissions. The channel can be archive right after as well!

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Tickets from the Members side

Unique Features!

  • Private channel for Mod-Member direct communication
  • Mods can "claim" tickets to work full issues out (coming soon)
  • Mods can set ticket channels to limit Members to just the ticket channel. Very helpful for disruptive members causing a scene! One button creates a private channel just for the Member and the Mods! (coming soon)
  • Archive Ticket channels into single HTML files that any browser can view

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